Use AI to Simplify Your Web Testing and Scraping Workflow

Automzie saves you time. Great for quickly automating web interactions.

Philosophy: Make Automating the Web Easy.


What you get with Automize

One of the quickest growing web automation tools of 2023.

Automize Chrome Extension

No need to leave the browser to write automation scrips. Automize works straight from Chrome Devtools.

Use AI to Speed up your Workflow

Use Automize's state of the art auto selection feature to never worry about selecting elements by hand again.

Quickly verify selectors

Automize will alert you if the selector does not match the intended element saving you time.

Excellent Support

Automize takes pride in the responsive customer support options as well as quickly implementing feature requests.

Works with (almost) anything

Automize works with Playwright, Puppeteer, Cypress, Selenium, XPath, css and more.

Network Events

Quickly mock, assert, test and write code for network events right inside Automize.

Ease of Use

Automize's Blueprint: Make Automation as Simple as Possible.

Change the way you think about writing automations.

Write robust automation scripts quickly and without frustration with Automize.

Auto Element Selection

Not sure how to select an element? Automize will help you select it in an intelligent way using AI.

Works with Many Languages

Automize works with Puppeteer, Playwright, Cypress, Selenium, XPath, css and more.

Network Event Support

Ensure your API works as expected using Automize's network mock and assert features.


Popular Automize Features

Enhance your workflow with Automize's powerful features.

Effortless Selection

Simplify your scripting process with Automize's intuitive interface for effortless element selection.

Framework Compatibility

Automize integrates seamlessly with major scripting languages and testing frameworks like Puppeteer, Playwright, Cypress, and Selenium.

Robust Testing

Utilize Automize's robust mocking capabilities for comprehensive, real-world testing scenarios.

Network Monitoring

Debug and test with ease using Automize's advanced network event capabilities.

Iframe Support

Seamlessly work with iframes and export your iframe script to your preferred framework with Automize.

Code Conversion

Transform your actions into clean, reusable code snippets for Puppeteer, Cypress, and Playwright with Automize.

AI Integration

Stay ahead with Automize's AI integration for enhanced code generation and querying capabilities.

Swift Selection

Effortlessly save time on element selection with Automize's intuitive interface—transforming complex tasks into a few clicks.

List Aware

Because Automize isn't a test recorder, Automize works great for selecting elements in a list.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Dive into the following questions to gain insights into the powerful features that Automize offers and how it can elevate your web development journey.

How does Automize simplify element selection?

Automize's intuitive interface makes it easy to select elements effortlessly. Simply click on the attributes you want to build the selector and Automize will handle the rest.

How does Automize mock network events?

Automize integrates with Chrome DevTools to mock network events. It works with headers, content and can also add a delay. Furthermore all of it can be exported to code in Playwright, Puppeteer and Cypress.

How do I get started?

Simply install the Automize Chrome extension, and you're all set. Automize seamlessly operates within the Chrome browser, requiring no extra setup steps.

Can Automize be used for both web automation and web scraping, or does it specialize in one area?

Automize is designed for writing scripts to automate the web. This means that Automize can be used for both testing and scraping equally.

How often does Automize receive updates?

Since launch in July 2023 Automize has gone through 11 updates, meaning you can expect to receive frequent updates.

How good is Automize's AI?

Automize employs highly sophisticated AI technology, leveraging advanced algorithms to meticulously choose the optimal selector for your element. This ensures that the selectors it generates are reliable and instills confidence in their effectiveness.

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